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Chipping, Pitching And Lobbing Tips From Golf Pros


The short approach is where 70 percent of the game is won or lost.  The lie to the hole is more difficult here than from any part of the course. Gaining skills in this area takes longer than getting a good consistent drive or putt. These tips will help you master this critical part of your game.


Chipping Drill

Good chipping requires firm wrists through impact and free body rotation in both the backswing and follow-through. Use this drill to strengthen your moves.

  1. Position your hands choked down to the shaft and the butt of the grip touching your left side.
  2. Keeping the grip against the ribs, swing the clubhead back.
  3. Note how your wrists remain stable and your body turns back and through the swing.


Pitching Fear

Many golfers fear pitching shots. The reason being is that they concentrate too much on the obstacle they are going to have to clear. This creates fear. When fear enters the picture, the big muscles freeze, locking the lower body in place, and activate the small muscles in the hands and arms. That combo just doesnt work for pitch shots.

To release the muscles adn engage the right leg action during pitches,: start your downswing by rolling your right ankle and knee toward the target.

This promotes high, soft shots that clear even the most fearsome obstacles.



The lob shot takes some practice. The swing is long but the shot is short. To generate a long enough swing and the necessary shallow approach into impact, try to feel an underarm throwing motion with the right arm. Take practice swings (then hit balls) with your left arm off the club and let your right arm create the wide arc and shallow approach necessary to slip the leading edge under the ball.

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