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The Biomechanics Of The Golf Swing


The key to a good golf swing is the relaxed, co-ordinated timed use of muscles and rapid firing of the fast twitch muscles.

If you think of the golf swing as a spiralling up of the body during the back swing and release in the opposing direction during the downswing.

To achieve this to optimal levels is one thing, to do it in a consistent fashion is another. Event Tiger Woods has issues with consistency and is constantly reviewing his biomechanics to improve in this area.

A consistently optimal golf swing requires all biomechanical elements of the body to work in harmony, all the time.

This requires :

  1. Relaxation – deep breathing learned in Yoga is ideal for this.
  2. Posture - balanced erect natural posture
  3. Balance - the neuromuscular system [nerves and muscles]
  4. Body Flexibility – especially hips and glutes for proper hip rotation.
  5. Core Strength – for lower back health and endurance. Co-ordinates the abdominal, back and hamstring.
  6. Upper Body Strength - golf specific strength as used in a full golf swing.
  7. Endurance - many pro golfers think nothing of hitting 1000 golf balls a day.

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